Holidays Holidays

Dear friends, just a short note to let you know I will not be posting until August 5th. I'm on holidays with my family in Argentina. Hop...

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5:46 AM

Cottage in Sweden Cottage in Sweden

Hello dear readers, hope you are enjoying your weekend. We are having friends over tonight to celebrate my hubby's birthday so I'd ...

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8:03 AM

Lace in a Guestroom Lace in a Guestroom

Only one room today my friends. White and a little blue, lacy and romantic. Antique lace napkins, runners and table toppers from flea mar...

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6:17 AM

Apartment in Copenhagen Apartment in Copenhagen

Kim an Bjorn, owners of K & CO antique shop in Copenhagen, let us step inside their home. Their love for antiques and well worn items is...

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6:28 AM

Home in the Countryside Home in the Countryside

Hi ho, my fine readers! A lovely, inviting home to start off this new week. I did not know where it was. Now, thanks to readers Monika and J...

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8:36 AM

Happy Apartment in Linnestaden Happy Apartment in Linnestaden

A happy, bright apartment in Linnestaden, for you today my friends. Leave your shoes by the front door and step in. Thanks for your visit...

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8:32 AM