The true ways to PVC Stretch ceiling installation for all one ask about how can install PVC stretch ceilings? with many of unique PVC stretch ceiling designs and the installation process of PVC stretch ceiling by images.

PVC Stretch ceiling installation ideas, designs, images
PVC stretch ceiling - a great alternative to hanging drywall constructions. Behind it the same way you can hide any communications, including built-in system of the world - and that's not counting the other advantages.

The installation process is a stretch ceiling is not complicated, it does not take a lot of time and, what is especially nice, leaves little debris.

1.  alteration in the "Cruise for Two" on the perimeter of the ceiling made ​​the first basket of plasterboard - suspended ceiling will be "inside" it. However, this is not a mandatory action. 

2. then the perimeter of the box stuffed aluminum rails, or the so-called art prints. On the ceiling of reinforced foundation under the halogen lamp.

3. To simulate yacht cabins suspended ceiling decided not to make one piece and consists of four lanes. These strips of PVC glossy light gray shades have a plastic strap-spear at the edges. Using a heat gun master paintings heated to 70 degrees, stretched their harpoons and ran the prints.

4. Along the perimeter of the suspended ceiling paintings decorative slats closed. 5. After the installation of the ceiling inside the eight holes cut out and pasted them in the spotlights.

PVC Stretch ceiling installation ideas, designs, images
PVC Stretch ceiling installation ideas, designs, images
The result was very impressive . But the important thing is that in case of leakage will not be spoiled by beauty: ceilings are durable and can withstand a large amount of water. After the liquidation of the bay it can be dry and pull back without compromising the aesthetic qualities. It is also gratifying that the suspended ceilings does not collect dust and wash it very easily.


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